Circular needles and turning

When you knit using circular needles, and it says to turn, then you’re going to flip your needle and everything upsidedown, right? And the work you’ve done will move from the bottom to the top, and vice versa, right?

I’ve been working on a tube-shaped piece, and now it is asking for a turn, so my whole piece, I’m guessing, will now be above the needles until I turn again.


Is this a sleeve by any chance?

Generally, when knitting with circular needles, to turn means to switch your left needle to your right hand and right needle to left hand…basically to turn it over. The already knit work will stay at the bottom.

Although I don’t know exactly what you are doing without more pattern information, my guess is that you’re doing something that now requires you to no longer knit in the round, but to use the circular needle as if it were two regular needles.

I hope this helps and doesn’t lead you astray…

Yes, you’re right about what I’m doing. Thank you for your help!

Not upside down turn, but side to side turn. So the needle that was in your right hand will be switched to the left hand.