Circular Needles 6 mm - 75 cm

Hi there,

I just got an old pattern book from my mom … its a Beehive book from the late seventies :thumbsup: … it has a pattern that calls for a 6mm circular needle but with a length of 75 cm … I have been unable to find a 75 cm length ANYWHERE! Only 40-60-80 cms.

Can I use a 60 cm length or an 80 cm length as an alternative? The pattern is for a child size 6 which would be very large on my daughter …



Yep, that should be fine. I’d go with the smaller size (the 60cm, I guess) because it’s a lot easier to squeeze more stitches on a shorter cable than it is to have one that’s too long and the stitches get too stretched apart making it hard to knit properly. A 75cm circular sounds awfully long to me for a child’s size sweater :thinking: . How many stitches is the cast on?

Yeah, 80 cm does seem long, doesn’t it?

The more I look at this, the more odd it seems … I have to work with straight needles 4.5 (for ribbing) and then switch to 6 mm straight needles. The yoke with the nordic patterns is the only part where I use the circular needle.

The size I want to do is a 53 st. co.