Circular Needled to double pointed needles

I am a newbie knitter and this is my first post.
I am currently knitting a baby hat on circular needles the pattern is just straight knitting all rounds and in the process of decreasing. I’ve switched to double pointed needles and have continued knitting but the stitch pattern has changed. What did I do wrong? Any help would be appreciated.



I bet it’s looking inside out–am I right?

When you use dpns, you have to work with the needles that are closest to you so that you’re always working on the outside of the hat. If you work the two needles that are away from you, you get the knit stitches on the inside.

Yes, exactly it looks inside out.

What do you mean knit the two needles closest to you? I have the stitches on three needles and they are in the shape of a triangle with the point of the triangle facing out, not towards me. Where would I start knitting.


Even though your needles are in a triangle shape, you are knitting a tube. Therefore, envision the needles as the rim of a cup. You should be working the yarn right where you would be drinking from the cup. If you’re working on the opposite side, your work will be inside out.

This might help.

Thank you for your help.

I love knitting on DPN’s and knit hats all the time. I have found that it’s much easier for me to just start out from the beginning on the DPN’s and never bother with the circular needles. That way there’s no chance of dropping stitches when you transfer. Just a thought.

You don’t have to actually move the sts from the circs to the dpns - just start knitting with the dpn, when you get 1/3 the sts on it, start the 2nd one, etc. Much easier.