Circular Needle Storage


Anybody out there store their circular needles in Skacel’s circular needle pouch

How about the Knit Stick Sack for circular needles? Are you happy with your purchase? Thanks!


I use the Circular Solution to store my needles. It keeps the cords nice and straight, and can hold as many as you want to put in there.

:smiley: I keep mine in their original packaging and put them in a small stainless steel bucket (it’s way full!) and put it in cabinet with my knitting books :smiley:
WOW, I just counted them, I have 56 circs :shock:


Thanks for the suggestions! I should have mentioned that I want to keep my needles organized in something that will fit into either: 1) A big plastic container (w/lid) along with extra yarn or 2) In a carpet bag when I’m traveling or moving from room to room. So I guess I’m looking for something smaller and portable when needed. I currently have fewer than 10 circular needles (Addi’s).

56 circs. Wow! I’d love to hear more about your collection!

Thanks again,

LOL, mine’s not the big one…that’s Ingrid :wink:
I have:
8 Inox of various sizes and lengths
7 Clover
2 Boyes
6 Susan Bates
the rest are Addis
and, of course…my wonderful Denise set :thumbsup:

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing your collection of circular needles. I’ve been longing for a set of Denise Interchangeables, but haven’t been able to justify to myself why I would need two sets of circular needles (Addi’s and Denise’s). I would LOVE an excuse to get Amy’s colored Denises. Can you help me? :cheering:


Oh! I love the Circular Solution. There’s a pattern for something like that in S 'n B, but since it’s sewn and I can’t sew I can’t make it. I might have to order that. TY for posting it. :slight_smile:

I just started knitting back in April, so I’m slowly building my needle collection. I started off with two pair of bamboo straights for a beginning knitting class, then got a few Addi’s for my next projects. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get the Denise set since I like the Addi’s so much, but I couldn’t resist Amy’s rainbow Denise set. I love it! :heart: I still love my Addi’s, but I find it just depends on the yarn I’m using for a project, or what needles I have available that aren’t already in another project I’ve started. Plus, I love having needle sizes 5 - 15 right there in case I need them. And it’s so easy to switch needle sizes within a pattern. A baby hat I’m making right now starts out on size 6 needles, and then moves to size 8. Making the hat with the Denises sure makes the switch super easy!

So I love them both! And it sure is handy to be able to fit that Denise case right in my knitting bag. (Plus Amy sent them off to me very quickly once I’d ordered them! I was surprised how fast they arrived.) Of course I also have a few more Addi’s on my wish list… :smiley:,1789,HGTV_3352_2310591,00.html

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my circulars. Right now I have a photo album where I can slip in the needles, but it’s not the the best. Addis are fine, but my bamboo circulars want to curl back into the orginal shape. I’m on the look out for the perfect cd or photo album, but I like the notebook idea too. Those pencil pouches that fit in notebooks may work well. I’ll have to keep an eye out when the back to school supplies are stocked!

:smiley: Trudy, I agree with what Lisa said. I was using my addis 100% of the time until just recently when something told me to pick up my denises…and, baby, they knit like butta! I was knitting a top for my sister using cotton yarn and I was knitting very tightly with my addis, but, I found that I don’t knit so tightly with my Denises…I’m loving them both, I must say :wink: And, OMGoodness, I’m so glad I didn’t sell my Denise set, which I had briefly thought about doing…can u imagine :shock: ?!

I love my Ashland Sky circular bag – it keeps everything really organized and in one place. I have a million circs, and this is great.

Hi IrishBaby,

The Ashland Sky (Knit Stick Sacks) line looks great . I love the various colors they offer. I’m so happy to find someone who actually owns one! Tell me, do they look like they’ll hold up year after year? I was concerned about the quality/life expectancy of the vinyl. At $26 a pop, they are kind of pricey… Did you get a better price? If so, can you share your source? Thanks!


I like those ideas from HGTV show, like put circs in orginal package and hold them together with a big ring. I might try that. Or putting them in ziplock baggies and punching a hole in the not zippered side. Good ideas people :heart:

I think circulars are easy to store. I think I will use a CD case to store all my lovely circ’s !

I just came across this idea for organizing circular needles at