Circular needle sizes

I’m starting my first project knitting in the round (I’m making a hat) and the pattern calls for a US size 11 24 inch circular needle. The shortest ones I could find are 29 inches. Will using a 29 inch needle instead of a 24 inch needle make a difference, or can I get away with it?

Is it a magic loop pattern? A 24 is too big for knitting in the round otherwise so a 29 is way to large unless it is ML.

Link to the pattern if at all possible when asking questions so we can help you better. (Don’t post entire pattern, but you can post a few lines if something in the pattern is confusing)

I knit hats with a 24", I just use the single loop variation of ML until I increase enough sts for them to fit on the needle. It would be just as easy to use a 29" for it, and then you can ML the top after the decs better.

Doh! I meant to say that. :doh:

the pattern is for a slouchy hat, so the 24" needle is for the loose part of the hat, not the brim. I’ll try the single loop method and see how that goes, but I’m not sure how well that would work with cable knitting. here’s the pattern

It’ll be fine, just adjust your sts so the loop isn’t between the sts neede for the cable.

Sue, I went and looked at the link you gave for the single loop way to do small size knitting in the round. I am not good at figuring this sort of thing out. I might be able to get it on already established work, like to decrease the top of a hat, but I’m interested in how to start out this way. Do you know a site that shows that? I never could get ML until ArtLady showed me how to do it in person. So I know I’m challenged in conceptualizing how these things go.

You start it the same way you would a ML, except you don’t have on loop on the left side. Scoot the sts so they spread out from the left needle only, hold the cable a little with the left hand (just so the working yarn is closer to it), loop out the right needle and start knitting.