Circular needle size

I just purchased some circular needles “16 inch” it said on the package. I decided to measure the needle when I got home there is nothing 16 inch about them. Not the length of the flexible part (10 inches) or the length of the whole set (17.5 inches). What does 16 inch actually measure??
Please help I want to start a new project.

they should measure 16" from one needle tip to the other?

The fact that they measure 17.5 inches from tip to tip is frustrating. They are Clover bamboo. Will it affect my project too much if they are off by this amount??

There’s a small variation in needle lengths; I’d say that’s close enough to qualify for a 16 incher. Should be fine for hats unless you’ve got a really small head.


Thanks for your quick responses. I will give them a try.
It is for a beanie for a teenager so it should work .

The smallest Denise needles are also 17 in. I prefer 16 in, but they work pretty well for larger hats so you should have no problem for a teen hat.

Yeah, unless your head is tiny, I would just go ahead and use it.