Circular Needle Question

I’m wondering…Does anyone have a trick that they use to loosen the coil of new circular needles? I’m working an afghan and the line just doesn’t stay open, it keeps wanting to coil and it is really frustrating :hair:.


I haven’t tried this but I’ve read that you can deep the cable in boiling water for a few seconds…hereis the link that I seen it on :thumbsup:

Thank you!!! Since I have already started, I won’t be dipping, but for my next set I’ll do that!!! For now, I’ll try the blow dryer :hug: Maybe I’ll still have hair on my head after all lol…

I’ve just turned on the hot water at the kitchen sink and run the cables back/forth a few times, then hold them out straight until they cool.

I use a hair dryer for mine.

Thank you all for your suggestions :grphug: Since I’m several rows into the afghan, I tried the hair dryer…IT WORKED!!! :woot: I am no longer fighting that horrid evil coil…lol

When you store the needles, lay them as flat as possible; don’t coil them up tightly.

Also, some brands of circs have flexible cables that don’t get tightly curled. Addi and KnitPicks Options are among them.

The hair drier usually works for me, but one time I had a particularly stubborn set with a thick cable. I duct taped a heavy fishing sinker to each end and then used one of the hangers with the clips for hanging pants to hang it up overnight. Worked like a charm. (I did have to use some rubbing alcohol to get the tape residue off my needles, but had no other problems.)