Circular needle length question


I am going to make the Fiber Trends Gelato bag. It tells you to start with size 11 16" circular needles and switch to 24" circs. “after several rounds”. I don’t have 16" size 11 and not sure I can find them locally…I DO have size 11 DPN. Can I Just use those or my 24"??


Your DPNs should work! Using the 24" circ at the beginning could get tricky, since the circumference of the knitting probably isn’t that large, though you could do magic loop. But if you’re already comfortable with DPNs, I’d go with those!

And welcome to KH! :waving:

Thanks!! I do not like DPN’s LOL, but I can use them!! I don’t know how to do magic loop, but am very intrigued!!

Thanks again!

DPNs aren’t my favorite, either. :teehee: There are videos here on Magic Loop, though!

Your 16s might be a bit too long for a full ML; for a shorter cord, I use what you could call a half ML. Push the stitches to the left needle and use the right needle only to make a loop. After you see the ML video that will maybe make sense.

I may have to try Magic Loop!! Thanks for the link to the video…very interesting :slight_smile: