Circular needle hat help

i’ve started knitting a hat with circular needles. all the patterns say that when you get to the end and you have less stiches, you should switch to dpns. can i not just keep on going with the circular needles? it sounds easier to me…

When you get to the point where you only have, say, 20 stitches on your circs, they won’t fit around the needle. As soon as your work stretches enough that it’s hard to knit, you need to switch to DPNs or 2 circs. :smiley:

You can always magic loop the circulars, but personally switching to dpn’s is easier. I just knit anyway on dpn’s and then I don’t have to worry about switching over or hunting for the needles, or getting up from my cozy chair with a warm cat on my lap to go find my needle case. OK< I’m a lazy knitter! :lol:

aaaahhhhh, now it makes sense to me. i feel silly now coz it seems so obvious. can anyone tell me an easy way to use the dpns? or can you recomment a link with a good explanation?

watch the video on Knitting in the round with DPNs…veddy good explanation on there i think! :thumbsup: