Circular needle bind off?

Brand new knitter :slight_smile:
Taught myself how to knit with circulars so I could make a purse.
Finished it… Kinda cute in a begginer sort of way.
Now I have no idea how to bind off on circular needles. I rented some books from the library & checked on line sites. They all end their patterns saying you “bind off” but no one actually tells you how. Did I mention this was my first project??? What the heck am I doing even "reading " a pattern. Heee Heee. Please someone help me. [/b]

here is the bind off videos.

whether you did the work flat or in the round it is a good basic bind off and very easy and can be done for both types of work!

show us pictures of your work when you are done with it!! :thumbsup:

Yep, if you can find directions for binding off on straight needles, it is EXACTLY the same procedure for binding off of circular needles. I remember being apprehensive about it the first time too.