Circular knitting two columns are short a row?

I’m knitting a neck warmer in the round with nothing complicated (no increases or decreases and just a simple 2x2 rib). After casting on and doing the first few rounds on one set of circulars I switched to a set I like better but I must have switched at the wrong point in the round and I now have two knit (facing me/ inside) stitches that are one knit/stitch shorter than all the others. IE Every stitch on the round has 5 rows, except these two which only have 4. They are the two immediately following my round marker. I’ve tried Googling but I don’t know how to describe this to Google. Does anyone know how to fix this and get them back to the right number of rows?



Welcome to KH. Maybe when you switched needles you were two stitches before the end of the round and started knitting the other direction? That’s all I can think of that would cause it.

I’m almost certain that’s what happened. Just wasn’t paying attention. The dilemma is now, how to fix it?

How far have you gone since changing needles? It looks like one round. Tink back and make sure you are going the right way when you start again. You can put a marker in the knit stitches so you can be sure you stop when you get back to them. If it helps at all, I’ve done pretty much the same thing more than once.