Circular knitting-stumped on how to join

I have made one hat, and it was in the first few weeks of my learning to knit. I know this is simple, but I really can’t remember how the joining works.

I’m making The Blanche Hat. The instructions begin as:

With #7 needles; CO 80sts

K2, P2 rib for 4 rows.

Does the first stitch of the “K2” create my join, or am I supposed to perform some type of joining stitch first? :??

Yes, that first knit stitch joins the round. No assembly required! :wink:

Just cast on all the stitches, then arrange them all so they go completely around your needle. Take the working yarn from the last cast on stitch and knit into the first cast on stitch. Tug at the yarn to close the gap between the two, and keep knitting! :thumbsup:

Yea! Thank you SO much, Silver! :cheering:

I have been checking my computer off and on for an hour, willing someone to answer. :mrgreen: I’m off to start that hat now! :thumbsup:

Sorry it took me so long. I was at the yarn shop!

That’s a good reason, right? :roflhard:

Oh, well, then. All is forgiven! :rollseyes: :rofling:

:cheering: Woot!

That is a beautiful pattern!

Silver, isn’t it amazing how one can go to pick up one item at the yarn shop and stand there and goo goo eye all of the yarn for a couple of hours :roflhard: I always spend more $$ than I orginally intended to spend…about like going in the grocery store without getting a cart and find you need alot more than you thought :rofling:


I :heart: my yarn shop!!

But… I didn’t buy any yarn. I was a good girl. I went for circular needles and all I bought were circular needles. 4 of them, but still… I was good.

Although I did have to oogle the new yarns she had. sigh It makes me happy.

I’ve only been in the yarn shop once without buying any yarn…went back a couple of days later and bought some…after dreaming about it for a couple of nights :happydance:

YOU WERE A GOOD GIRL TODAY :cheering: …but it is so hard to look at all of the gorgeous yarn and do without…like the chocolate bar I bought today…it’s still in my purse, but I WANT it…I’m holding out for the moment when I cannot resist any longer :wink:

When I saw this pattern, my first thought was that I must get to the lys soon and make the hat…I now have such a collection of patterns that I’d love to knit!