Circular knitting question

Hi. I am a new knitter, something I took up during the pandemic and am so enjoying it. It is hard to get help during this time so I am very happy I found this forum, i find advanced knitters to be so helpful and encouraging. :slight_smile: I am learning more and more about knitting in the round. I think I made a little mistake when I bought my chiagoo interchangeables because i read 5 inch tips were easier to work with. Now i can’t really get a 16 inch circular unless i buy 4 inch tips. I hate to have to buy a duplicate set of needles in 4 inch tips. The smallest chiagoo cable is 8 inches so I end up with 18 inch circular. I do like magic loop. Is there a problem with doing any pattern that calls for the 16 inch circulars or smaller using magic loop method instead? Maybe laddering could be problem although i read somewhere about something called traveling magic loop method to prevent this? Any advice from some more experienced knitters. Thanks

I think you bought the right size. Magic Loop can be used to make any size in the round (think glove fingers!). Another way to make any size is by using two circular needles. For instance, if your pattern calls for size 6 needles, you make two sets with size 6 on one end and size 5 on the other. The size 6’s are the working needles, so it matters not that you are knitting FROM the size 5 on the other end. Cast on half the stitches on one needle and (still connected) the other half on the second one. Join. Essentially, you knit all the stitches on one of the needles, drop it, then knit all the stitches on the other needle. (Never knit from one needle to the other.) Wash, rinse, repeat. I used to do this all the time, but have since adopted the Magic Loop. Either way works great.


Thanks so much! I think this makes sense but need to read up a bit more on using two circulars. It seems very clever!!

I am glad to hear that i can use magic loop for any pattern that calls for knitting in the round. I just cast half the stitches on each needle correct? I sometimes do see some laddering when I do my socks. Any tips on that? I heard something about using a traveling loop but not sure I understand that. Again, thanks so much for taking thetime to respond to a newbie :slight_smile:

Before I learned knitting on two circular needles or the Magic Loop, I knitted socks on DPNs. That’s when I had problems with laddering. When I made my first pair with two needles, all was well. I just make a habit of tugging the first two stitches on the new needle and then relax my tension for the rest of the round. My Magic Loop technique is exactly the same. Your ChiaoGoo needles should give you a lifetime of enjoyment. You are able to make any size of flat or circular knitting because you have all the tips and cables you are likely to ever need.

BTW I learned the two-needle technique from Cat Bordhi. I bought her book, but I see that in 2007 she made a video on YouTube:

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