Circular Knitting Needles Necessary?

Hi everyone! I’m new to the board. I could probably be classified as an advanced beginner.

Anyway, I have been searching for months for this shrug pattern since I saw one like it in on Drew Barrymore in the movie Music and Lyrics. I finally found a similar one!

It calls for circular knitting needles. I have some, though I don’t know the size. (I bought a huge lot of knitting needles and supplies several years ago at an estate sale. Some of the needles have no sizes marked on them :???: .) Anyway, I have started, pull it apart and restarted the project a couple of times now. I just don’t knit very well on the shorter metal part of the circular needles. I prefer longer separate needles as I tend to rest one end on my leg as I knit. Can I get away with just using my regular needles? I don’t think the patterns calls for the project to be joined at any point.


Since the cast on is so large, I’d say you need circulars. It’s gonna get really wide and really heavy, so you need the chord to support it.

I’ve seen a plastic needle size thingy that has holes in it for each size that shows you what size your needles are. That might help you with the unmarked needles problem.

And believe me I know what you mean about liking to knit with straights to use your leg. I did it at first. Doing a project on circulars is actually what got me out of that habit. Since then, I don’t do it anymore. :smiley:

You pretty much need circulars for that. It’s going to be too large and hard to handle if you don’t. Objects that big get heavy on straights and it helps when the bulk of the knitting can rest on the cable in your lap.

BTW if you don’t have one you need a needle sizer. Something like this.
I got mine from Joanns I think, but lots of stores like that have them. And if you are wondering how long your circular needle is you measure it from tip of the needle to tip of the needle…not just the cable.

Thank you all for the response. It makes sense now that you mention the bulk of the project.

I have another question…

The yarn called for in the project is not the yarn I want to make it out of. I would like to use a fine cotton in brown, which I have already purchased. Is it okay to interchange these yarns? They seem similar in size and weight and I just prefer cotton in any of my clothing.

Thanks again!

Keep in mind the diff in fiber properties. Cotton can get very heavy, stretches differently (can grow in width, shorten in length). Being it doesn’t have any elasticity, that might impact the overall effect, as well.