Circular knitting needle when NOT joining in the round

I’ve come across several patterns that call for using circular needles for adding trim to a sweater and other such things that don’t call for joining in the round, and the pattern notes always call for only ONE such needle. But it seems to me you would need to, as though they were just extra long knitting needles. Am I right? Or is there a way to use one circular knitting needle to knit straight fabric? Thanks!

You can knit back and forth on one circular needle…it would just require turning the work when you got to your place marker, and purling back. Useful if the work is longer or more awkward than straight needles can handle.

I never use straight needles even for flat knitting anymore. To knit flat you just put the needle with the stitches in your left hand like you always do, but instead of having to look under the couch, under the cushions, or in the cat’s bed for the other needle you just take the one that is at the other end of your knitting. :teehee:

Try it, it’ll make more sense when doing it. :thumbsup:

I very rarely use straight ndls. Circs are just ‘two straights joined by a string.’


I’m starting to figure it out in my head … just need to go home and try it. For some reason I just couldn’t wrap my head around it, but “turning the work” makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Thanks so much!

And for knitting trim on a sweater, maybe a neckband, you probably would be joining to work it seamless.

I can’t use straight needles anymore either; they’re too long and clumsy, even the 10" ones. And you can get a lot more stitches on circs.

the pleasures of circs.

a) if you find the circ you have a “matched set” of needles.

b) circs take the weight/pressure off your wrists while knitting

c) they hold more

d) they can function for knitting in the round as well as flat knitting

circs are also good if you have problems with your hands (carpal tunnel for example) because the weight of the project is on the cable and drapes in front of you, not off to the sides so you’re putting more strain on your hands.

I told dh that i want the interchangeable ones… i HATE using my straight needles now!