Circular knitting needle length query

Ok, so my pattern calls for a 24" circ for the body, a 16" circ for the sleeves and DPNs for the sleeve ribbing. I understand about the DPNs, but do I really need to use 24" and 16" needles? I only have 29" circs and was wondering if I can make do with those or if I have to make yet another needle investment. I could have sworn I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to use circs larger than the actual diameter of the piece, but I’m not quite sure if this pertains only to hats or to sweaters too. Please help! :thinking:

Thanks loads!

well i would guess that since it is giving you specific sizes for specific areas that you are actually knitting in the round. if you go as big as a 29" for your sleeves you are going to have a VERY big arm hole!

You could probably get away with the 29" for the body of the sweater, but you will need something smaller for the sleeves. If you do not want to invest in 16" circular and DPNs, just get some DPNs that are at least 7" long, although 10" would be more comfy as the arm circumference increases. You can knit the entire sleeve on DPNs.

Thanks so much. Yes, I am going to be knitting in the round and I guess I see where the difference would be obvious with diameter size (i.e. 29" diameter needle would make awfully large sleeves). So I shall go and find some 16" circs.

However, can I get away with my 29" circs for the body? I’ve not actually knitted in the round before although I’ve used circs for flat knitting and maybe this question will all be moot once I actually start knitting in the round, but I’d hate to think that I just wasted my money buying a set (sizes 5-13) of 29" circs from eBay. Are they only good for afghans then? Or can I use them for sweaters?

Thanks again! You guys are a well of useful info…

P.S. Silver, I just clicked on your sock tutorial. Wow! I may just end up ditching my sweater project and start on your socks. It looks so clear and easy… :cheering:

If your project has to stretch to get around the needle, it could interfere with your gauge and throw your measurements off. My cautious nature says that you should go with the needle length given in the pattern. But don’t despair over your 29" needles! There are lots of times you will use them.

Alright, that being the case, does anyone recommend or have used those interchangeable needles? Is it worth it to buy these or should I just buy the size/length circ needles as I need them? I’m kind of a completist, though, so I like to have complete sets of things, but I guess that’s not a good state of mind to have when it comes to knitting, eh? I’ll go broke if I do…

I (and several others) have & love Denise interchangeables and several have Boye’s the Boye has a larger size selection (I believe from 2-15) than the Denises, which are 5-15. Love my Denises, but I also have lots & lots of other circs, dpns, etc…I am afraid I am a collector of knitting needles :wink:

There’s a HUGE thread on interchangable needle sets, lots of reviews.

Now about those circular needles, you can use them for just about ANYTHING. Knitting flat, knitting in the round, magic loop, etc. Never hurts to have a spare, and yes, you will find a use for them. I use my 29"s all the time, and I have never knit anything that’s 29" around.

What is DPNS, am not familiar with your reference? I’ve purchased now my 5th size of circular needles, have one thats 36" others 29, looked and looked and found a wooden one (the bamboo) for 16" which is what I thought was needed for most hats, plus it’s the size 10 that I didn’t yet have. But I watched the loop thing last night on a video and it looked very cumbersome, and slow and I probably would never do that and so buy more needles. :XX: :XX: :rollseyes:

DPNs is shorthand for double pointed needles. They are used for smaller circumfrence knitting. You’ll need them for hats too, once you start decreasing the crown of your hat.