Circular knitting - join up

Is the only way to join the first stitch to the last stitch after cast on, by knitting in the tail end of the yarn.

None of the books I have, explain this crucial bit. I’ve looked at the video on this site and the knitter says it’s her preferred method but are there others?

Thanks in advance.

I just keep knitting like normal. With the working yarn coming from the last stitch worked, knit the first stitch cast on, and keep knitting in the round. If I’m using a particularly slippery yarn, I’ll knitt that first stitch with the working yarn AND tail to keep the join snug. But, for the most part, I just use the working yarn. If there’s a gap at the join, I don’t worry about it unless it’s more than a half inch long. As I keep knitting rounds, it snugs up the join just fine. :thumbsup:

Sorry - foregot to say I’m working with 3 double pointed pins + 1, not a circular needle.

It’s the same technique, but here’s a detailed pic from my sock class on the join. :slight_smile: