Circular knit hat has "seam"

Hi, new knitter here. I’m making a hat and where the row starts/ends has what looks like a seam that goes all the way from the first row. Not sure what I’m doing wrong or how to fix it. Any help appreciated.

There’s always a “step” effect in stripes where you ramp up from one row to the next. It’s there in solid colors, but not as noticeable. If that’s what you’re talking about, there’s a technique called the “jogless jog” that is meant to minimize that, but I don’t get enough difference to make it worth the hassle.

If you pull the stitches ever so slightly when you block the hat, it’ll even them out a little. Otherwise, just know that most people won’t notice it or care if they do.

Circular knitting is actually a spiral so there is a slight difference, but it’s usually not obvious except in stripes or some colors or maybe yarn weights.

What yarn weight, colors are you using?

Ohh… you’re doing garter stitch in the round? Yes, that “seam” is normal with garter in the round. You’re not doing anything wrong and there really isn’t anything you can do about it. It’s the spiral thing and it’s more obvious with garter.

ETA - if you’re actually doing stockinette then you’re working inside out. The stockinette side Will look better at the join.

That’s a relief. I had already ripped it out once and started over only to find the seam starting again. Thanks so much.

Yep, totally normal. If you get hold of the sides of the “seam” once it’s done and pull gently in opposite directions, you’ll see what I mean about blocking. It really doesn’t matter much, though.

I make that line where you start the new round the back of the hat, then if it matters what part is in front it helps get it on right. Kind of like the tag in a T shirt goes in the back.