Circular Crochet Needles?

[color=darkblue]Just made a quick trip to the local yarn store (aka Joann’s Fabrics), where I saw a pair of large (15mm) circular crochet needles. :?? I do not know how to crochet, so I have to ask: for what are these used?

Looked interesting.


Did they actually have hooks on both ends? Or was it one hook with a long cord attached. I’ve never seen anything like the former, but the latter you can use for Tunisian crochet, I think.

They’re for something called Cro-knit, cro-hook, and crochet on the double. I’ve played with it a little.

The way it’s worked is very similar to Tunisian crochet, but the fabric it makes is essentially reversible (though one side is more one color, and the other is predominately the other color.). The fabric is a bit stretchier than regular crochet or Tunisian fabric. As I remember – it’s been awhile since I did it – you work with two balls of yarn at a time; one from each end of the hook. It really looks kind of neat.

There are hooks that are long like knitting needles with hooks on both ends, and ones like you found with the cable – the cabled ones would be for larger projects like afghans.

That’s all I know about it. :shrug:

Edit: Come to think of it, I think I have a swatch of crohook crochet around somewhere. If anyone’s interested, I can see if I can dig it up and get a picture.

The ones I saw had a hook on each end of the cable.
Yes, I would like to see an example of what these can do.


They’re for Tunisian crochet or crochet on the double and allow for longer finished products such as blankets or afghans as the double-ended hook that you would normally find only allows for items of a certain width to be made, (and if you were making an afghan, for example, you would have to sew finished strips together).

Here are a couple shots of it – one of each side of the fabric. :slight_smile:

I saw a video on YouTube that was about Portuguese Knitting, and it looked like she was using knitting needles that had crochet hooks at the tips; she was knitting and purling. It looked very interesting.

[color=darkblue]That is VERY pretty. I would like to try the technique. But, I have to learn to crochet first!


landolphe- it is really easy to crochet (easier than knitting), but cro-hook is dofferent than regular crochet, it is done with 2 balls of yarn and a long double ended hook. Try it!

I’ve done a couple of things, a hat and scarf, using this technique. It’s also called crochet on the double or crochenit. has more info on it. also has a beginner class on it. It’s fun–try it!

here’s one of those videos from youtube:

very interesting.

i wonder if the method done in this video could be done with plain ol’ straight crochet hooks? :??

EDIT:i watched it again, and actually it looks like she’s just knitting with a crochet hook, and not doing any of that croknit stuff at all. oh i dont know… :doh:

[color=darkblue]Very interesting garments. My lack of knowledge is such that I do not know how/why such items cannot be knitted or plain crocheted.


I just watched the youtube video too, and she’s definitely not doing crochet on the double/crohook/crochenit. If it’s not fuzzy and I’m seeing it right, she is knitting with double-ended a crochet hook.

Just for kicks and giggles, I got one of my double-ended cabled crochet hook sets out and tried what they’re doing in the video. It’s possible to actually knit with these. In one sense it’s good because it’s harder to drop stitches, but the hooks make slipping stitches from left to right a bit harder. I just had to try it! :teehee: I don’t think it will revolutionize anything though.