Circular Cast On

Okay, I must have been exhausted all weekend, but I’m discovering that twisted my cast on stitches before joining them in the round. Is there any way to fix this short of unravelling -everything- already done? Let me also say it this way, I planned on “phony” seaming up the sides later for this blanket, or possisbly even crocheting all the way around it, so if there is a -secure- way to cut up the side before I got much farther, I could do it and hide the two separate pieces later. This is just a scrap afghan, so there’s a million different colors, and I’ve completed about five inches.

:happydance: Welcome to KH!!

I’ve done this before…and the only thing I’ve found is to frog…I’ve tried sewing it down or trying to take it off the needles and flipping it :teehee: …I could never figure out another way to fix it…:hug:

Actually, you could sew steeks and cut up to that point, untwist and continue.

You can undo to the first row and untwist, but you might as well start over at that point.