Circle Jacket?

This was a pretty popular pattern not that long ago. I seem to remember it being on the Web site, but I’m having no luck finding it. Anybody remember what I’m talking about? It’s one of the designs I want to consider for my next project.

The Pinwheel Sweater? The have several versions of it; the original -
one in heavier yarn -
and a couple with crochet edges -

Thank you so much! I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called. Thanks!

i didn’t understand the pinwheel sweater until just now. that is so cool!

I found some Wool Ease in Denim on closeout at Hancock’s and had to buy it for this sweater. Those skeins are neverending! I didn’t run out of the first one until an inch past where you mark off the sleeve openings. I bought 6 skeins because I need to make a fairly large one, but think I’ll only need 4. We’ll see how far it goes by the time I get to the last 6 inches of the circle…