For a conference in June. I’ll be staying downtown on 8th St or Ave and I want to know where the yarn shops are and the food and alla that. Should I get a rental car? THe bus system looks pretty good and it looks like a good walking city but is there anything I need a car for? I’ll be there for 3 days and while I usually go to this conference and love it, I’ll probably only attend sessions for a few hours and then I want to go yarn shopping! And eating food! And I want to see the purple people bridge. So any advice would be great

Kemp lives in Cincy, but she’s been really busy lately. She’s visiting with her sister in Arizona. Hopefully she’ll come and chime in soon enough. :slight_smile:

I actually live across the river in Florence, KY and went to school at a hospital up in Cincinnati. I drove up there every weekday for two years and the weekends to work at University Hospital. I don’t know off the top of my head where you are staying, but I do know that I wouldn’t go walking around downtown Cinci alone. Or with my husband. Or with my husband and a doberman.

I know I’m probably biased because I worked in the ER of a major trauma hospital up there… I just wouldn’t risk it.

There’s a LYS just this side of the river off Burlington Pike called Knit Wits. Also, when you head to Newport for the Purple People Bridge and Newport on the Levy there is a shop near there in Bellevue called Knit On.

Honestly, let me know if you want company. :slight_smile: Depending on schedule we can hook up!