Cincinnati Begals!

[B][FONT=“Georgia”][COLOR=“Navy”][SIZE=“3”]Does anyone have any patterns for anything for the Cincinnati Bengals.

I probably just need to use their colors (Black & Orange ) in a plain ol hat or scarf etc pattern I already have,[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

If you find anything I would love to know! It’s my husband’s favorite team!


I’m just using a plain hat pattern and using Orange and Black Yarn. The I’ll make scarves to go with tha hats.

Are you originally from Cincinnati, Ohio?[/B]

No, I am from California and my hubby is from Tennessee. LOL He just always loved the Bengals.

The last two Christmases the kids and I have gotten him something with the Bengals on it, a jersey and a suede jacket so I thought maybe something knitted would be next. LOL


You wouldn’t believe the prices on Bengal Stuff. My sion BOUGHT a shirt / Jersey Shirt with the naem " Rudy Johnson " on it. It cost him 55.00 !!!

I would knit something. MUCH CHEAPER!!!


If your husband ever needs the schedule for games or anyting else, it’s on that site.



Thanks Susan. The jersey we got him cost way more than the jacket. I got the suede jacket on QVC for about $70…quite the deal and it’s gorgeous!