Hi.cloud9 I have just completed my first mitten Vogue (Fall issue for Yellow Harvest). Lots of thanks to SuZeeq for advising to use two circular needles to knit this in the round. But lastly the instructions tell me to thread a tail of 6 inch yarn into the remaining stitches and “cinch”. Is this kitchener stitching or just threading through and pulling it closed? What must I do with the loose tail yarn?

Cinching sounds like you just pull the yarn through the stitches and tighten it up. If it was kitchener, it would talk about that or call it grafting. Is this at the very end of the mitten at the fingertips? If so, then this makes sense.

For the tail end the yarn, you can just weave it in like you would for any other end.

I agree, I think it’s just threading the tail through the sts drawstring like and tightening up.

Okay! I have threaded it through at the end. Would I have to tie a knot to make sure the thread doesn’t come out before threading it through the stitches?

No need for a knot, threading it keeps it in place. When using this type of closure, I generally thread it through the sts twice, then just weave in the ends. Stays put.