Cicular Knitting

I’m having trouble binding off in circular knitting. I’ve finished trying it out, now i want my test off the needle. Do i have to switch to double pointed needles or can i bind off of the cable needle? And, how do i do that? :thinking:

Just bind off as you normally would.

:roflhard: Finally binding off is easier than casting on. Thank you for your help, i work on the outside of the needles instead of the inside so i thought i’d have to end up doing something odd and complicated, instead i just wasn’t doing it right. now i can see why some people always work with circular needles.

You’re supposed to work on the outside instead of the inside, so you’re doing two things right! :thumbsup:

the book i learned from has inaccurate pictures then. they described it as if i’d work from the inside, then turn it out. i tried that way but my knitting was inevitably twisted because of how i sit. so i started working on the outside and just letting the excess drape. Thank you again for all of your help.

Just curious: what book is that?

it is just the same as binding of with single point needles. start at the beggining of the row, knit two, and take the the stitch you knit 1st and put it over the second stitch. it is the same thing. i know what you’re talking about though. sometimes it is hard to figure out stuff that is easy to other people. like seaming. it is very hard for me but easy for everybody.