Church knitting ministries: advice?

I’m hoping to start a knitting (and crocheting and other fiber arts) ministry at my church. I’d like us not to make only prayer shawls but warm things for the homeless people in our church as well as things for other groups in the church.

I’ve never done anything like this before (I’m usually a behind-the-scenes sort of gal) and I’m wondering: Does anyone else have a such a group in their church? Been the one to start a group? I’m seeking advice (or warnings!) about what to expect and what to plan for from anyone with experience. (Besides advice to pray very, very, very hard. :pray: I’ve got that covered already. :teehee:)

You know, I’ve been wanting to do the same thing. I belonged to a church that had a knitting ministry. After one of the services, people would meet “under the tree” for fellowship and there was always a representative from this ministry there. She would have a table with signups, patterns and donated yarn.

There was always a message in the bulletin asking for donated yarn. When you signed up to knit a blanket, you would receive all the yarn you needed plus a pattern. Of course, you could always do your own thing but this was a great way to get someone started. The group met each week at the church to knit and fellowship.

I think that if you just put the word out and maybe set a time to meet, God will do the rest. Find patterns that work up quickly. Maybe you could even do a knit along where, at each meeting, the blankets would be exchanged and members would add on.

There are so many possibilities. Start simple. Invite some knitters into your home or maybe in your church hall (if you have one! we meet at a school). Talk together about your vision, share ideas. In no time, I bet you’ll be going strong.

I can’t wait to hear about your progress.

I am in the process of organizing a knitting/crochet ministry at my church. There are so many diferent charities to knit for, but we’ve decided to start by supporting ministries our church already has. (The church is quite large, with many established ministries.) Right now, we are going to support our Pro-Life ministry. They put together baskets of supplies for mom’s of newborns in need. We’ll be knitting baby hats, booties and blankets. If we get enough ambitious folks, they can knit blankets on their own. But I’m also going to accept 6 x 6 inch squares to make patchwork blankets in crib sizes. My idea is that, if someone is just learning, the squares are an easy first step. Then they can move on to hats, etc., as their skills progress. Also, if there’s anyone out there who actually MAKES gauge swatches, it’s easy enough to make them 6 x 6 and then donate them.

The head of the Pro-Life ministry suggested that baby things not be made of animal fibers because some newborns may be sensitive or allregic to them. They also asked that if at all possible, things be machine washable and dryable. Since most donated yarn is acrylic (or so far it has been), this works out well.

The other ministry we’ll be supporting is our homeless outreach. We’ll be knitting hats, gloves, and scarves that they can distribute.

If we get a large, productive group organized, we may knit lapghans for folks in nursing homes and/or helmet liners for the troops, but we’re trying to keep the focus small until we get all of our ducks in a row.

We’re putting a message in the church bulletin that there will be an “interest meeting” after one of the services. I’m going to pass out a simple form to get the names and numbers of those interested, and have them indicate how often they’d like to meet and what time and day works best for them, and we’ll go from there.

So, that’s how we’re getting it going. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who’s actually done it before. Any advice on what to expect, pitfalls to avoid, etc, would be greatly appreciated.


you can check thee web for prayer shawls they have lapgans for men that are really great alternative to the shawls

We have a group at our church called Heart and Hand. We meet once a month to fellowship and work on our handwork. Some of us knit while others crochet and some also make baptismal banners for the church. We work on hats, sweaters, blankets etc. that are donated to charities in our area and worldwide including the Duhlaan Project and Afghans for Afghans. We have a great time in fellowship and are able to complete these items in the meantime.

Here are some fun Knitting Bible Studies …

I have written short Bible lessons for my Kid’s Knit group
example … frog … knitting lesson and FROG (fully rely on God) … I would be happy to share :slight_smile:

Debbie, those Bible study resources are really nice! I’ve been spending more time planning the lessons than working out the logistics of the meetings… :teehee:

One thing our church has been focusing on of late is intergenerational ministry. I had thought perhaps our knitting group could be open to younger knitters, maybe as young as elementary school, so I would be interested in the lessons you use with your young knitters, if you’re willing to share. :slight_smile:

Debbie, thank you for those Bible Studies - those are great! I’ve been toying with a knitting ministry for our church too. Officially, there is a prayer shawl ministry, but I don’t think its active at the moment, and there’s nothing to teach new knitters. I like the idea of an intergenerational ministry, too.

I’m mostly worried about time constraints right now. I’m concerned that weekly meetings may become too much of a burden, but monthly won’t be often enough to form a sense of ‘community’, KWIM? Anyway, I’m probably a year or two away from being ready to commit to starting something like this, maybe when my kiddos are a bit older and aren’t demanding quite so much of my time. But I like thinking about it, and planning it :slight_smile:

Renoah … just back from a weekend trip, PM me your email address and I will send you the Kids Knit stuff!!

I wish I could join some of you ladies at your groups. It sounds fun!

The first official meeting of the group I organized at my church is this Sunday afternoon! I’m excited! About 4 or 5 of the ladies who’ve contacted me are crocheters! Pray that I find some patterns by Sunday!!! lolol

That’s awesome that you are willing to tackle pulling a group together. Just my two cents

My mom’s church started a group and their first few meetings where labelled learn to knit where old hat knitters where invited to help teach people to knit. Labelling it learn to knit kept people from feeling intimidated about joining. Needles and yarn to get started where donated from members of the church that could no longer knit b/c of poor eyesight or bad RA etc. They hold meetings just a couple times a month in the evenings for an hour or so.

My church has a group as well and they meet on a weekday in the middle of the day which I think is HORRIBLE. I work FT and cannot get off work to go knit (haha I can see explaining that one to my boss). It excludes younger knitters from participating. If it were an evening I would love to participate. Anyway, they mainly knit prayer shawls, they are given to people in the hosp and in need of prayers as well as new mothers which I think is wonderful as it can be used while breast feeding. I have worked in a nursing home and know everyone there loves Lapghans and they can be knit from donated squares or as a continuous project.

I personally am in the process of knitting 3 prayer shawls to go to friends battling cancer and other medical disorders.

Know what you mean about holding things in the middle of the day. My ahem aging congregation holds midweek Bible study at 1:30- too late for lunch, too early for anyone who’s not retired (or working the graveyard shift). But dadgumit, that’s when they’ve been holding it for probably two decades now, and anyone who can’t make it just isn’t trying hard enough. :wink:

Ladybug Lady, how did your meeting go?

I am thinking of starting up a knitting group from my church so this information has been really helpful. I hope your groups go well.

Sandy in N.Z.