Church Group Knitting Scarves

My Church is trying to get 60 4-8 inch wide scarves knitted by Dec 1st for our Humanitarian aid center. They will be for indoor comfort. I am assuming they are going to be given to the elderly at Christmas. As far as knitting goes. I am a true newbie and have only ever knitted scarves. I have never actually used a pattern. Only played with Knit and Purl stitches to see what happens. A coworker and I are in a competition to see which one of us can knit the most. I am currently working on a scarf using a moss pattern and another using a simple garter stitch. If anyone has some fun and easy patterns please post them and I will try them out.:knitting: Thanks in advance.

Here are some easy patterns for different yarn and needle sizes. They could also be adapted to your yarn and needles if you’d like. See if one looks interesting to you.

Good luck with your project and the friendly competition!