Chunky question

I’ve never used chunky yarn–always thought it was too big–but I found some yesterday called Marble chunky by James C. Blake that has beautiful colors. I chose the one called Jeweltones if anyone knows which one that is. Anyway, the “sticker” on the yarn said to use #10 needles, but on the internet where it describes the yarn, it says to use #9. I’m planning to do a 32x32 baby blanket for my new grandson (6 days old today, and yes I’m proud), and I’m not sure which size needle to use. I’m going to use circular needles and don’t know whether to use 24" ones or 32" ones. Also is 32x32 a good size? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I used James C. Brett Marble Chunky for cardigan. Here’s the FO posted here in KH. I liked it and it was easy to knit with.

I thought I used a 9, but my Ravelry page says I used a US size 10 needle. We all knit differently so the best way to tell for sure is to do a small swatch with both size needles and see which fabric you prefer.

As for size… IMO 32x32 is a little small. I preferred them to be at least 36x36. I’d also knit with a 32" inch circular. The 24" would make the stitches to squished especially for chunky yarn.

Your sweater is too cute!!! What an interesting pattern–wonder if I’ll ever get to a point I can do a sweater. Thanks so much for the info. I’ve tried it on a 10 and it had some “holes” in it (concerned about little fingers and toes getting caught), but I though the 9 might be too dense. I’ll give it a shot and see what I think. The colors in the Jeweltone are so beautiful I can’t wait to get started!!! Did you use a Turbo needle and was it real slippery?

I feel that 10s are too small for chunky yarns, so I’d say use at least a 10, or even a 10½ or 11. Then the blanket will be a little larger just by following the pattern.

I’ve used the Marble ‘DK’ and found that it was really more of a worsted. It seemed to be kind of thick and thin and the thicker sections were more of a heavy worsted. So using a larger needle isn’t a bad idea.

I don’t want to put a damper on your plans, but the medical advice these days is to not use blankets for babies, but to use sleep sacks, or what we use to call buntings-- like this: The good news is that it will take less time than an entire blanket!

I can just see a baby getting tangled up in a sleep sack worse than a blanket though. There’s been a lot of babies who lived through blankets over the years. They can be used not only for sleeping, but in a car seat or stroller, or on the floor. And they’ll last much longer than a newborn size bunting.

The 10 was fine for the chunky, Sue. My sweater fabric is very nice and not tight at all. I know you usually suggest a larger needle than I would use so maybe you knit tighter? Or possibly it’s just our preference for the knitted fabric we create. :wink:

pbs…I used Knitpicks Options and I didn’t find them too slippery, but then I like metal needles.

Thanks for all the help everyone. The bunting thingy is precious and I’d love to do it, but I’m not advanced enough knitter. I’m just knitting the blankey for the car seat, the stroller, and for being snuggled by grandmom and grandad. :-)) Based on using it for these things, would you still make it 36x36?
Jan, thanks for the advice on the needles–a #10 it will be. The 9s were just too tight and made the fabric too dense.

It’s about SIDS, not tangles. Actually, I’m going to start another thread about this, because I think it’s important information.

pbs…Congratulations on your grandson!

I don’t knit tight, Jan, I just like a looser gauge. I find that yarn is a lot softer and drapes better but not so loose as to be holey.

A blanket for a stroller or car seat can be smaller. The smaller ones don’t work as well for bundling the baby to cuddle though IMO, but maybe it’s just me.

Depends on the size of the baby too. My 9 lb GD definitely needed a larger ‘cuddle’ blanket, but the smaller ones worked fine for other uses.

I’m glad I had my 9 kids before the medical community got involved! I detest those things! Obviously designed by engineers and not by mothers who have to change diapers all day long. :slight_smile:

I want to thank everyone for your input. I certainly didn’t mean to cause such a controversy about it. I just wanted to make a little blankey for my sweet grandson and simply needed a little advice about the needle size and the blankie size. Sorry for any problems I caused on here.

Oh no controversy was started. Everyone has an opinion about something.