Chunky Knit Blanket

This is the blanket I’ve been working on. This is my first real knitting project. I pretty much saw these huge 25mm needles and this gorgeous, super soft yarn and was like “yeah, I need a blanket”. I’m a little over halfway done.

Looks good !

So soft and luscious! The blanket looks lovely. What yarn are you using?

It’s Bernat Blanket yarn. It really is super soft and squishy! It makes me want to take a really long nap on it. :sleepy:

Yum! :inlove:

mmmmm. I just got up for work (its 4:53 am boo hiss…) and that makes me want to just curl back up and say forget earning a living, its nap time.


I’m working at a greenhouse, through a temp. agency, we’re making Christmas Cra…

Christmas shtuff. we’re sticking greenery into an ugly black plastic pot, and adding a bow. to be sold at Walmarts everywhere. merry Christmas.

Looks lovely. How do you find working with large needles and chunky yarn?


Looks like you’re doing a SUPER job!! I like how you are using 2 yarns together! Keep going!!


The blanket is lovely and looks so soft. Reminds me of the nautical style. I love the color combination blue and white:inlove: