Chunky blanket

Hi, so I would like to knit a chunky adults blanket and never done it before, I was wondering if anyone knows how much wool I should use and if you could suggest a knitting needle size?

Various factors including the stitch pattern you plan to use and the size of the finished blanket will determine how much yarn you need. If close enough is good enough I’d go to Ravelry and look at patterns and projects resembling what I want to make and of a similar size and go with what I learned about yardage for the yarn used. I’ve been guilty of starting a project with yarn that’s commonly available to me locally and buying more as needed. If a more accurate estimation of yardage is needed I’d use the method Lucy shows in this video. As for needle size, the label should offer a suggested needle size; your choice would depend on whether you like the fabric produced with the yarn and needle combination you try and whether you’re working to a specific gauge. No matter what a swatch is a good idea. The start of a project not turning out as hoped for or intended has counted as a swatch more than once for me.

ETA the video shows on preview for me but after posting it says “This video is unavailable.” I’ll try another way. Estimating YOUR Yarn Requirements for a Project If neither works and you want to bother you can search You Tube for the title.


I was able to watch the video you suggest and it was really helpful, I’ll make sure to bare in mind about the pattern and the size of the needles when calculating, I really appreciate the video as it will now make it easier for me to figure out how much I’ll need for future projects.

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Or you could find a pattern you like the look of as they usually tell you which yarn and needles are suggested.
There are lots of free patterns available on various site and many available to buy too.