Chunky Blanket with I-cord Edging

I’m a pretty new knitter and am really wanting to make a chunky blanket. I’ve gone and gotten 7 balls of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and found two patterns I really really like. But I’m kind of confused!

I really like how this Lacy Chunky Throw because I feel like it won’t cost as much to make since it doesn’t seem to use much yarn (?). It sounds like it’s only knit with one strand. It still looks really thick so is that just the nature of the stitch or will it actually not be very thick? (sorry, they won’t let me post any links since I’m new)

I want it to be a thick blanket on affordable needles I already have, which is why this one looks good. I can’t afford a US 36 circular needle, which brings me to my next pattern…

I LOVE this pattern:

Mainly because I LOVE the icord edging. Like I said, I can’t afford the needles this one asks for and I’m not sure if it would be very thick and chunky if I did one strand instead of two.

So, I’m wondering if I can combine the two patterns. Would it be possible to put the icord edging on the chunky lacy blanket if I didn’t do the garter stitch edge on it? I don’t yet know how to do icord edging so I don’t know if it works on lace stitch.

OR could I do the eleventh hour blanket holding only one strand together and knit it using only one strand of yarn? Would it be really thin that way?


Your yarn gauge is
9stsx12rows=4" on US13 in stockinette

The Lacy Chunky pattern yarn is
5stsx9rows=4" on US19 in pattern

The eleventh hour blanket yarn is
3.3sts=4" on US 36 in seed stitch with yarn doubled

You only need the US 36 needle if you are going to use that thick (or doubled) of a yarn. You can use the yarn you purchsed on a size 13 needle and follow the pattern as written. The stitch pattern will look the same. The blanket will be a little thinner (as thick as the yarn). With the smaller yarn and needles however your blanket won’t be as big (i.e. wide) unless you cast on extra stitches. So work a swatch with your yarn. Figure out how many stitchs you need to get a blanket that will be 38" wide (or desired width) and CO that number of stitches. Then work until the blanket is 54" long (or desired length) and BO.
By all means, if you like the I-cord edge then do it. Omit the seed stitch edge on the lacy chunky blanket. When you are done go back and do the I-cord edge as instructed for the eleventh hour blanket. Again, do a swatch to find out how many stiches you are getting for a set length of I-cord (say 2 inches), then you will know how many stitches to pick up every 2 inches around the edge of the blanket. With the thinner yarn you will probably want your I-cord to be 5 or 6 sts rather than 3sts as in the pattern.

Thanks so much!! This is so helpful.

Does the Lacy Chunky Throw just [I]appear[/I] to be thicker or is it the type of stitch used that makes the yarn look kind of doubled? I’ve read that some people say theirs is more like a net and some look much tighter.

How tight or lacy the blanket turns out depends on the yarns/needles people used. If you substitute a thinner weight yarn but use the size needles called for in the pattern it will turn out very loose/lacy. Using smaller needles with the yarn called for (or held double) will make things seem tighter.

That makes sense. Thank you!