Christmas Tree Skirt

Who has a pattern for a one piece Christmas Tree Skirt that they can share? I’m trying to find a skirt that I don’t have to sew together.


I dislike seaming. I will go to the trouble of converting a flat knit pattern to a knit-in-the-round just to avoid seaming.

Forgive my slowness, but you make it sound like you would seam the skirt into a solid circle with just the hole for the tree but that would not that be impossible to get on the tree?
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So please forgive me but what seam are you trying to avoid?

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I want to knit one all in one piece that will look kind of like the capital letter “C”. It could also look like the letter “O” with a slit in it to be able to put it around the tree.


So do u think I could adjust a pattern that’s written in sections to make it so it’s all in one piece??

How would I do that?

Yes, the only way to make it work would be the letter O with a slash shape. Whether you could make it one piece from a pattern with sections would depend on the pattern. Also it will likely involve a lot of increasing or short rows to do in one piece, but it would probably be cool. Do you have a pattern? I’ll see what I can find.

Here’s some that appear to be one piece.

Ah, it sounds like you are thinking of straight rows patterns

Consider curving your rows with increases (about 6 to 8 on your WS rows.) Her is a pattern that can be converted to flat round knit
CO 58.
Row 1: K2, P2 across.
Row 2: K2, P2 across.
Row 3 & each RS rows: K2, P2 across.
Row 4 & each WS rows: K1, (P X [=7, 8, 9, 10, …], Inc 1) repeat 7 times, K1.
Repeat this pattern until your skirt is large enough for your tree.

Or Look for doilies or round dish clothes made with short rows like this one just start with longer cast on for the radius of the tree skirt.

(Edit to note I started this post before @Jan_in_CA came to your rescue. :yum:
And I haven’t finished testing my pattern yet.)
(Edit two: switched to a K2, P2 pattern that I hope will be flatter and more like a moss sts.)