Christmas success!

You may remember a while back I asked how long it took to knit dishcloths, as they were what I was planning on giving my SIL’s for Christmas…but then had gotten a request from my two adored nieces for blankets.
I got it all done and handed out yesterday!!! I’m so tickled that it worked out…of course, there were lots of late nights and knitting every second I had on breaks at work, but it still got done. I only did one dishcloth per SIL, but since I also make them scented candles, I thought that was OK. Also, I make homemade grape jelly and this year had a crop of pie pumpkins so I made pumpkin butter as well…so they had a decent “haul” even if they only got 1 dishcloth.:teehee:
The nieces were THRILLED with the knit blankets. I used Red Heart “Baby Clouds”…one in “pink lemondade” and one made in “cotton candy”…since it is super bulky and knits up on big needles - a huge help in getting them done in time. Also, though it is a bit rough on the hands when knitting, after washing it is amazingly cuddly. I’m sure it will pill and do some shedding, but since these blankets were mainly ones to watch movies with, zonk out of the couch with, etc. I figure that won’t matter to an 11 and 12 year old. As long as it’s cuddly, warm, and cozy, they’ll be happy. Once they opened the packages with the blankets in them, they weren’t out of their hands for very long. If they weren’t wrapping themselves up in them, they were rubbing their cheeks on them talking about how soft they were. My 12 year old niece even climbed up in my lap with her blanket and was getting settled in for a nap just before it was time for them to leave.
Thanks to those 2 girls, my Christmas spirit is back in a big way (the rest of the family tends to be pretty “Scrooge-ey”).:woohoo:
Isn’t it wonderful when you spend the time on a knitted Christmas gift and the minute it’s opened you know it’s going to be VERY special to the recipient? They never put them away at all…even had them out to use in the car ride home…I feel so special right now!cloud9

Thanks to all for their advice and help, and may your Christmas be a wondrous, special time for you and yours!!!:hug:

Congratulations, sweetheart! Glad everything turned out so well :happydance:

Wow! That is a great accomplishment!! And it is lovely when you make something that is [I]so [/I]appreciated! I hope you got pictures to always have and remember those moments by! You have some very lucky nieces!

:woot::cheering:Great story, thanks so much for sharing!! I gave my Mom her present today-a knitted Woven Cable headband from a free online pattern) and was thrilled to see she really loved it :aww: Its a lovely red, in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. And I made my Dad a pair of San Antonio Spurs PJ pants, and he loved them too.

It feels so great when you know they love the gift you made especially for them, doesn’t it? I’m very happy you got such a wonderful return on your efforts!

Sounds like you reaped the true meaning of Christmas, that feeling in you heart must be awesome.
Thank you for sharing that story.