Christmas stockings

I was wondering if any of you had made them and if so, what yarn did you use. I was thinking of Cascade 220 for mine.

I’m testing out yarns for the ones I want to knit right now.

I have done a swatch in Paton’s Classic Merino because I had that on hand, and I should have some Cascade 220 and Brown Sheep’s nature spun waiting at the post office. These are the ones that tended to have the right selection of colors and that I hope will still be around in a few years if I have more grandchildren I want to knit them for.

I will knit, wash, and carry these around for a few days and then decide what I want to use. Normally I don’t go to so much trouble, but the stockings I’m matching are over 50 years old and if mine survive that long I want them to be done right!

I’ll let you know when I decide, unless you have already gone ahead by then.

Mama Bear

Thanks MB! :muah: