Christmas stocking

I want to make this stocking . The wool says Bernat sparkle fur but I can’t find it ! Does anyone know an alternative . I’m a beginner so need to know what needles and how many balls I would need in a different wool . Thank you in advance for any help ! is a good place to start, but I would guess a chunky tinsel yarn, or even a faux fur, with similar yardage would fit the bill.
I plugged in the yarn your pattern calls for - as I suspected, it’s discontinued, but it does have some suggestions for alternatives:

Oh thank you so much for looking ! Unfortunately I have tried that and I can’t get any of those wools listed :cry: !! I’ve been through them all and searched ! I could find some of the schjeepes but I didn’t like any of the colours for girls !

If you’re in the UK or willing to order from a UK site, I think I can suggest a few yarns - not sure if they’re available elsewhere, but you could try:
King Cole Tinsel Chunky - plenty of colours
Peter Pan Precious Chunky - pastels, not a huge selection of shades
King Cole Cuddles Multi Chunky - more of a “fluffy” texture than eyelash yarn but nice colours
Sirdar Funky Fur
Sirdar Touch

All these are available on - there’s a whole faux fur yarn section you can browse, I just picked a few from there.
You might not be able to make a stocking the same size as your pattern but it would still look nice!

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Oh wow! Thank you so much!
I’ve spent hours searching . I’ll check these out tomorrow!

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No problem! Hope you can find something you like :blush:

The website is amazing ! Thank you for introducing me to it ! One more question!!!
The pattern says US 9 or 5.5 mm needles.

I’m going with the king Cole chunky tinsel which says 6mm ? So which do I use and will it be the same amount of balls?

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I think you’d need fewer balls as King Cole tinsel chunky has about 70 metres a ball, which equates to just over 3 balls of Sparkle Fur. If it were me I’d try the smaller needles first and see if you like the fabric you get. If you think it’s too tight or dense go for 6mm. To be on the safe side I’d buy 3 balls of tinsel chunky which would give you around 210 metres of yarn (6 balls of Sparkle Fur equalling about 132 metres).

Your so kind ! Thank you for all your help it’s much appreciated.

You’re welcome, hope the stocking turns out well!

Thank you so much for everything ! Just hope I can understand the pattern now !!!

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You’re welcome, just come back and ask for help if you need any later!