Christmas Stocking

I am knitting a Christmas Stocking using a previously knitted stocking as a pattern. I have three questions. The flat seamed stocking starts with 84 cast on stitches. When I count the stitches at the first row of the heal I count 62 stitches.

Should I reduce stitches to get to 62 stitches for the heal? (I did and it doesn’t look right.)
And two how do I knit the heal?
Is there a way I can add pictures for you to look at?

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For most of the sock patterns I’ve seen the heel is worked on about half the sts. If you count 62 sts of the original 84, that’s fine. That’s the way your stocking is set up.
Here’s a link to a good sock tutorial. Even if the stocking is knit flat, you can still get some tips here especially for the heel.
Half the sts are worked for the heel and half are put on hold until the heel is finished.

You can add photos using the landscape icon in the top middle of the Reply box. Follow the directions that come up.

Thank you. These are done in the round and I do not know how to handle it in the flat on two needles. Does anyone have a link for the heal on two needles?

On the socks I’ve knitted in the round, the heel gusset and heel turn are worked in rows on two needles (keeping the rest of the stitches on their DPNs), then you pick stitches up on one of the heel’s edges, knit across the top of the sock (the stitches from the DPNs), then pick up the stitches on the other side of the heel edge, so you end up working in the round again for the rest of the foot - not sure if that helps at all? Sorry if it’s not a great explanation!

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