Christmas Stocking Small Angel

Despite my years of experience I cannot find or design the “perfect” angel for my baby granddaughters Christmas stocking. I have knitted all of the family their stockings with each being special for that person. Now I need an angel for our yougest and last angel. The angel can be a max of 22 rows tall. I plan her to be a solid white without facial features except perhaps closed eyes. The ones I have grafted out have all been too “funky”, even my husband agrees that they don’t look quite right. I would sure appreciate it if someone could help me out. I would be ever so grateful. I really want to get on with this project but the angel is the first design under baby’s name.:muah:

Do you mean a chart for an angel or an actual angel?


Either a chart for or an actual angel pattern would work for me. Thanks for responding. You give me hope!


Haven’t found chart, but small knit ones. :???
angel choir set here
in fingering yarn finished size is 2.5x3in
need to register (free) to download,

do you crochet? some small cute ones

I’ve been looking around. I didn’t see any I thought were nice…but got to wondering, could you use a cross-stitch chart for knitting instead?

try this
or this one?

There was one knitted angel chart I found on but I believe it is too big for what you are doing. Sorry I couldn’t help more! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for responding to my post. I hadn’t thought about a cross stitch pattern. I had seen teh sweater angel that you saw on knitting pattern but yes it was far to large and not easily downsized. I sure do appreciate your trying to help.


Thanks for your help. Yes I do crochet and may have to do that and put her on as an overlay. I hadn’t actually thought of that yet. I went back to the other two sites that you mentioned (I had searched there before) but did not find the angel choir set that you referred to.
Thanks again for responding and trying to help me out. I can’t believe an angel, so much a part of Christmas, is so hard to find.


Here is a knit pattern for a little angel…it’s kinda cute, but not sure if this is what you’re looking for?

(I hope the link works)

I’m not sure if it’s suitable even, is basic shape, lacy, with wooden bead for head, but a small pompom might be good substitute.
under knitting, christmas, top row, left.
or search for 'angel choir’
a pic. for you.

:woohoo: Jints, Yes, indeed, she is adorable and most of all I think she will WORK! The bead head is even cute. It will give her something extra. I always decorate the trees I put in and the Santa will have a pompom at the end of his hat. Thank you so VERY much. Now I can’t wait to get the rest of my house and yard work done for the day so that I can try her. I did download the pattern already.