Christmas knitting

Hats and gloves for the grandsons. I actually remade the gold and purple one because I thought the 4 year old would want something like his cousin so I modified it a bit. The other one is a short version of a stocking cap. I knew he was too cool for the whole thing, but thought he might like an extended version of “Waldo’s” hat with a tassel instead of pompom. The plum and silk are Bernat Satin and the daffodil is knitpicks wool of the andes.

Those are some cool hats and mittens! :slight_smile: I think it was a great idea to make them similar but not the same. Thanks for posting.

Very nice! Lucky kids…

Oh, those are excellant! You’ve really done lovely work and have great gifts for Christmas. Well done.

Those are beautiful. Such lovely, straight knit stitches!

I hope they’ll wear them till they fall apart (or outgrow them, whichever comes first).

Very nice work! I am working on some mittens right now.

Nice knitting, Nonny! Wonderful color choices, too! :thumbsu:

Nice! I think they’ll love those!

Very nice hats! :thumbsup:

I knew he was too cool for the whole thing,
This is something we grandmothers always have to consider… the coolness factor. Ignore at your peril. :slight_smile:

What the heck, I figure the worst is I tell my dd to give it to someone to wear if he hates it! lol

Nice hats & mittens! :thumbsup: I hope mine will come out like that…