Christmas Knitting

I am a slow knitter. I think I have started (or have in mind) 5 projects that need to be done before Christmas. In the meantime, I am starting a few college courses October 1. I enjoy watching foreign shows on Netflix, though unfortunately, the projects I am making require quite a bit of attention, so I can’t read the subtitles as I knit (though I am good at multitasking, that is a bit much). I have come up with a plan… I am going to work on my school work Monday to Friday while my kid is at school, and on Saturdays (and maybe Sundays too) I am going to knit all day and get my projects done! I know it is only the end of September, but I feel panicky about it already! I was making a beautiful rug, which I could have been done already (it said count your stitches each row, which I did, and somewhere along the way, I dropped one- I had to frog the whole thing!) Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about my knitting journey and struggles- Have a happy day :slight_smile:


Always a good idea to start in September, no matter how fast you can knit!

Sounds like you knit like me! I too like to watch foreign subtitles shows on Netflix ( sometimes I watch them on my phone with the volume super low so I don’t have to really watch what the kids are watching ( aside from the classes I am not doing those) my life requires balancing of kids hobbies. I also knit pretty slow, on Instagram someone posted finishing a summer sweater (with colour work ugh) in a weekend and I commented about the speed and they gave me a you’ll get better pep talks I was like that’s really sweet but I about your age ish ( late 40’s ) and have been knitting 17 years and I am not any faster, maybe it is that I don’t knit enough but my daughter 22 is an Occasional Knitter is so much faster and has been since she was about 10 she learned at 5 with me. And now I need to get bi focals and am starting to have arthritis in my thumbs so I am not getting any faster. Last winter was my most productive I gave up tv for audiobooks lots are on YouTube. Being in lock down for covid with the kids home brought my knitting to a slow down. Headphones tangled, can watch big tv and knit because of need no focal… anyhow good luck with your projects !

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