Christmas gifts?

Just wondered if anyone had started their Christmas knitting yet, if so what are y’all making?
I haven’t started, would love to finish Moms vest for her by then, but we’ll see.
Also, I really need to make my Dad a hat this year, he wanted one last year, but I only had time for a scarf. Any ideas on fav. yarn for hat? (little pressed for money, so inexpensive would be great)

[B]Hi jberry,

I started on a Christmas in June. It's a blanket OR Comforter  for our son's bed. It takes 88 squares to make it. I don't even have half them made yet. Some are already stitched togather though.

NOw I have other things in mind to knit after I’m finish with it.


I started on some Christmas wip’s a few weeks ago. I have a throw going tor my parents, a montego bay scarf for one sister, monkey socks for my other sister, and a cardigan for a niece are all OTN now. I’m planning cardigans for 2 more neices, and I have 2 more people to plan something for, my BIL and my oldest neice(10 yrs old).

im starting my knits for christmass next week( need to finish a few things 1st)
harry potter scarfs (x2) thats all i know so far but probaly hats and still not that good at kntting yet and im kniting lots for my friends and sisters babys i think that little thing like that will be all i have time for.

So far my knitting is still in the planning and the ordering stage. I am going to be making clogs, bags, scarves, weaters and face cloths. My daughter is making purses for her grandmothers, and ds is making coasters for his grandparents. So far I have gotten the wool for dd’s purses and she is set to start this week. ds is still learning knit stitch though he really wants to make coasters. My lys is having a sale next week so I will be getting some stuff then. I feel really behind on my list though. I am starting the facecloths tonight after I get finished with ds wallaby today!

I am still in the planning stage as well, but I think I’m good to start soon. My rule this year is simple, but make it look complicated. So everyone is getting something either cabled or felted!:knitting:

I just received the yarn for my first Christmas projects yesterday. I’m making my grandfather a scarf (probably Irish Hiking Scarf) and my grandmother some felted slippers out of the Knit Picks Shamrock yarn in Dougherty. Mainly because we’re Irish and their last name is Dougherty so when I saw that yarn I knew I had to make them gifts with it. I probably won’t start them until next month though. I have some birthday presents to finish first.

I’m still in the planning stages, but I have several ideas I’m cooking up. I just priced some yarn at Knitpicks yesterday for a sweater for my Mom.

Because most of my family still lives in central New York, I’m thinking scarves and hats for everyone.

We’ll see how that goes, though…lol


i started last month… making weasley sweaters for my youngest two boys (gods it’s boring… stockingette stitch for the whole thing)… not making MIL anything (esp after finding out the only thing she’s used that i’ve ever made her was an afghan… she doesn’t want the rest to “get messed up” so why bother?)

I too am still in the planning stages. I’m making everyone small-ish gifts; no sweaters or blankets. I making a few Fetching’s, a Calorimetry or two, a couple of felted purses, 2 stuffed animals, some hats, and I don’t remember what else. :slight_smile: Some of you are quite ambitious with your blankets and sweaters and complicated cables. Go you!!:flirt:

I’ve finished an American girl doll poncho, a Kureyon hat, and the pair of cabled socks. I’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s only August :slight_smile:

I’ve finished a fun fur scarf for my aunt (it’s what she wanted :zombie:). Such strange yarn.

A pair of Turkish mittens for my grandmother (possibly).

And I’m working on the Mystery Stole 3 as a birthday/Christmas combo gift for my mom. She’s tricky to knit for - I made her a lionbrand-mostly-acrylic-scarf as my first project, and she LOVES it and doesn’t want a new one. She hardly ever wears socks, mittens, or hats. All she really wants is a sweater, which is the one thing I don’t really enjoy knitting. Quandry! :??

I might make my dad one of those funny earflap hats. And several people are getting Steelers socks, but not at Christmas time.

I’m trying to get everything done beforehand so I don’t suffer from ‘IT’!

wow! sounds like everyone is either started or a little further along on their planning than I am. I do know that I wont be making anything for a few people b/c they just wont appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. (my MIL esp.) too bad b/c she wears a size 5 shoe and socks would be quick to make for her. o well; her loss and more sock yarn for me :twisted:.