Choosing Needle Sizes

Hi I’m new to knitting help and need some help. I am knitting a jumer in aran wool the pattern says to use 2 3/4 and 4 1/2 needles but on the wool details it says use 5 & 6 needles. Which size needles should I use?
Thanks L

What is the name of your pattern and is it written for aran weight yarn?
Both the pattern needles and the yarn ball band needles are recommendations. You need to knit a gauge swatch to see which size needles you need to get to the pattern gauge. The swatch will also give you an idea of the knit fabric, how stiff or drapey it is. You can then decide which size needles to use for your particular knitting tension.

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Also, some patterns and yarns are labelled in USA sized needles and some use British sizes which are different, some are written in mm which I find easiest to follow. You can find a conversion chart online.
You still need to swatch but if you are new to knitting you might not be aware that “size” can quite different things.