Choosing Knitpicks Yarn

I’d like to attempt to make the Irish Knitting Scarf as well as the beginner scarf from Martha Stewart’s site.

I was thinking of getting the Merino Style for the hiking scarf and WOTA for the other one. Do you think the WOTA will be too itchy for a scarf? The other yarn I am considering is the Andean Silk.

KellyK pulling out ALL of her color cards…

Ya know, with KP prices, you might as well go for the gold! Andean Silk would be YUMMY…Andean TREASURE would be even YUMMIER! Elegance would be lovely…

If you really want to choose between WOTA and Merino, go Merino. Its softer.

Hmmm, so do you think I shouldn’t even bother with Merino?

IMHO, if you’re gonna have to hand wash it anyway, go with the Andean Silk! :smiley: