Chocolate milk and the knitting bag don't play well together

I was home all day yesterday with my 4yo ds because he has strep throat. He had a container of chocolate milk on the stand in the living room and he flung out his arms and accidently knocked the chocolate milk into my knitting bag. :crying:

I had the front of my tank top using Cascade Pima Silk that I was hoping to finish this weekend, and a sleeve for the sweater I’m making using knitpicks Vacation, and what may have been the start of a tubey using some silk haze yarn I got from

I washed everything as best as I could and it’s drying on the table, but I still just want to cry. I think the crystal palace bamboo needle in the black yarn is ruined. The finish isn’t smooth and shiny anymore. I was really careful when I was washing them, to not get the needle tips wet, but I think the bamboo one got chocolate milk on it. :frowning:

I’m so sorry :blush: that spill happend on your knitting bag. Your projects look good thu. Good luck with them. :XX:


Oh no!

I’d try rubbing that Crystal Palace needle with wax paper to see if that might bring back the finish.

I’m so sorry for your accident – that had to be very very frustrating!

Argh that would drive me crazy =( So sorry to hear about it :frowning:

So sorry…I can only imagine how upset you were. This is higher on the disappointment scale than just dropping a stsitch.

Holly :frowning:

You are LIVING every knitter’s greatest fear! Bless your heart!

You deserve an expensive trip to the nicest yarn store you can find.
(Don’t you just love having an excuse now?)

OUCH!!! I’m so sorry…I sure hope everything can be saved :wink:

Oh no, I’m so sorry! Not to jinx myself, but I’m sure an accident like that is somewhere in my future – two rambunctious boys and knitting are a dangerous combination! :wink:

I hope all of your WIPs and your needles can be salvaged!

Oh no! I can see that happening here.

On the needle, let it dry ALL the way first. Some of the wood fibers might swell when wet.

Once it’s GOOD and dry, through and through, get the super duper fine sandpaper and smooth it good, then rub it with some wax paper. It MIGHT save it.

you might knit a small swatch of each of the yarns and try different enzyme based cleaners to see if they tolerate them. You could even put some chocolate milk on a swatch and see what works. That way you are experimenting with a swatch, not your knitting and will know before completing the project if there is hope for getting out the chocolate stains, if there are any.

Give us an update when you can.

Mama Bear

Oh no - how frustrating that must have been. I am so sorry it happened. :frowning:

The color of your tank is awesome. Beautiful! I love autumn colors.

Well…the tank top is finally dry and I tried to knit some more on it, but all I can smell is spoiled milk. Guess I didn’t get it all off. I’m going to wash it again tonight and set it out to dry because the smell is horrible. The sleeve and the tubey seem ok. I think the Crystal Palace needle may be ok. It doesn’t seem quite as smooth and shiny as it was but definitely usable. I had to toss the canvas bag that I had the knitting in because I couldn’t get the chocolate stain out, but it was just a cheapie so I’m not too broken up about that. I sat down in the chair today and put my knitting bag (new canvas cheapie) down beside the chair and I was too freaked about my soda spilling that I had to move it!

This is a nightmare that could happen to any of us…continue to breathe…you seem like a very patient person.


oh no! I’m so sorry…I hope it all turns out okay.

You know, I’ve never knitted w/ white yarn b/c I’m terrified that something will get on it and now that you told us that story–I can totally see something like that happening to me!

So sorry! I hope you can get the smell out of the tank…it is really beautiful!

I think that wouyld be harder to get out of Yarn and wood than the Glass of Bailies I spilled about a week and a half ago

it was a REALLY bad day up to and AFTER that happened

I can’t get the smell out!! Help! It’s been washed and dried twice and it still smells. There are no stains, but it stinks. All I had was my regular laundry detergent, so I’m going to Walmart on my lunch break today to see if I can find something that might take the smell out. If all else fails, I guess I could wear one of those car air fresheners around my neck when I wear the tank top. :rofling:

I use the Great Value Oxy stain spray… it’s basically the same thing as Oxy-clean, but in the Wal-Mart generic brand. I’ve even gotten bug guts out of clothes with that stuff!

Oh no! That’s awful - talk about a bad day!

I’m glad the needle wasn’t totally ruined, but :frowning: on the smell… Hope you get it out! - keep us updated.