Chocolate-covered Cherry Mice

I just made myself an army for the holiday party I’m going to tomorrow and I figured I would share them with you. It’s loosely based off of something Martha Stewart thought up but here is my version. They’re a delicious treat, and they disappear quickly, so be sure to make a whole bunch :slight_smile:

[B]Chocolate covered cherry mice.
2 bottles of stemmed cherries
2 1lb bars of regular Hershey’s Chocolate (not semi-sweet)
1 bag of almond slices
1 bag of Hershey Kisses

1 double boiler
1 cookie sheet
Wax Paper or non stick parchment paper
A cold place (outside if below 30 degrees or in your refrigerator)
A pretty plate to display them on for your guests/family

Drain, strain and pat dry the two jars of stemmed cherries. Drying them a bit helps the chocolate stick better.

Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the cookie sheet.

Melt two pounds of Hershey’s chocolate over indirect heat. If you put it directly on the burner, the chocolate will burn and be ruined. Make sure you heat the chocolate SLOWLY (over low heat). It’ll give you time to unwrap all the Kisses.

Set yourself up an assembly line. Cherries, chocolate, kisses, ears (almond slices). I suggest putting the almond slices on a plate, so you can pick through for the best looking ones.

Dunk the cherry into the chocolate, swirling around until it is well covered. Lay it down on the wax paper covered cookie sheet so that the stem (tail) is laying down (so that it looks like the body of a mouse, with a tail coming out of it’s rear). Then, if needed, dip the flat end of a kiss into the chocolate, then stick it to the chocolate covered cherry in the right place for the head (not near the tail!). Now, choose your ears. If you have a large slice, try breaking it in two, or choose two smaller ones. Stick them to the melty chocolate in the place of where a mouse’s ears would be.

Repeat this until you have an entire army, or you run out of something.

Place the cookie sheet outside (or in the fridge) for about 15 minutes or until the chocolate has cooled and solidified. Now, remove your mice by the tail and place them onto your decorative platter.

Keep your mice in the fridge until you’re ready to serve them. If the chocolate melts, they won’t come off the plate.


How cute! I don’t like chocolate covered cherries but I might have to make them for the cuteness factor!


What She ^ said

That’s a great idea. I’m going to make some! Thank you.

OMG- my sister loves the chocolate covered cherries- I always buy her some. I must make time to try these! so adorable!!! thanks RISS!!!

Cute, but where’s the chocolate covered cat? :teehee:

O-M-G. Those are adorable!!! Almost too cute to eat.
We just spent $25 on 16 chocolate covered cherries at Godiva last night! (It’s part of my FIL’s Christmas gift.) These are cuter!!!

Holy crap! I probably only spent $20 on supplies (including a cute new serving tray!) It’s SO much cheaper to make them. There are probably close to 40 mice for the price of your 16 cherries :slight_smile:

Thank you guys so much… I knew you’d enjoy them. They’re so quick and easy!

Mason: I’ll have to look into making a cat for the mice… :smiley:

Awww, Riss, those are adorable!! You had mentioned them to me before. Now I see how cute they are! Thanks for sharing!!

LOL, how about a devils food cake cat? Use a small Loaf pan for the body (when the top rises, it’ll resemble the back of the kitty), a cupcake for the head (narrow bottom = muzzle), 2 mini cupcakes on either side of the muzzle near the bottom for front paws, several more minis for the tail (cut in half and laid in a row, cut side down/rounded side up), and ears made of one more mini cut down the middle.

How about a pair of small gold foil wrapped coins set into the icing for eyes?

Ice partly with vanilla and and partly with chocolate icing to make a proper mouser—and if the cupcake face is down on the edge of the plate between the front paws, facing the plate of mice, it could even appear to be in stalk mode!


Oh my you are really creative and it sounds soo adorable:thumbsup: It would be a great display:teehee:

Riss these are absolutely adorable:inlove: I love em’ thanks for sharing!

Ooh! I love it! I’ll have to do that for next year… Great idea!! :smiley: