Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Ok so i just found out that i’m pregnant with my 2nd child :woot: and we are very excited. we have a 4 year old girl and are hoping for a boy this time(but whatever God gives us is great!). I was just looking up some stuff and i came across the chinese gender predictor thing and it says that if i’m 27 in october at the time of conception then i’ll have a boy. has anyone had any experience with this? i mean i know its probably craziness but hey one can hope lol :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new baby news! :yay:

I’ve never heard of the baby gender predictor, but it’s no more strange than anything else out there. Are you 27 in October? Keep us posted and see if it’s right.

Yay congratulations! :cheering:

Well, women can only give the X chromosome through the egg, so the gender is decided by whatever chromosome (X or Y) is in the sperm. The gender of your baby has nothing to do with you, so this method is probably not very accurate. It’s cute though! :teehee:

i am 27 so we will see i guess. it sounded funny but i’m like when the heck we’ll see lol

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Congratulations! :balloons:

Don’t be too sure! They say that the X and Y spermatozoa swim at different speeds; The X is slower but with greater stamina and Y is faster but more quickly exhausted. There have been studies done to test if what you eat can affect the gender determination of the child. The basis is that your diet can alter your body chemistry. Eating yogurt (aside from the Activia connection) raises the acidity which not only can help deter itchy conditions but also makes it less hospitable for the spermatozoa.

Anyway, Here to you having a health future knitter no matter the :x: or :guyknitting: gender! :balloons:

Good luck!

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When I was pregnant with my second, I played around with all of those baby prediction tests. There are the ones that combine a bunch of old wives’ tales and also this chinese one that you mention.

I did both, several times, and I always came out 77% or higher in favor of a girl. I had a baby girl :heart:

Take note that I only did this for pure entertainment value. I didn’t go out and buy a bunch of girlie baby stuff based on these tests. They are pretty fun though :teehee:

I used the Chinese chart with my kids, for fun, but, it was right both times. It was also right for all 4 of my sister’s kids, and, I think my sis in law did it with her first, and it was right. Pretty interesting stuff!

These things are fun, but I wouldn’t decorate the baby’s room based on it. :teehee: How you carry the baby is not accurate either… friends told me I surely was having a boy the second time because I was carrying the baby mostly in the front…ha! She’s a girl. :lol: Besides babies are all in the front it’s just how you put on the weight gain.

Congrats to you and your family!!:yay:

Well I was 27 in October during my first pregnancy and had a boy. But 3 years later was pregnant again and also had a boy…
An astrology gender predictor is whatever sign the moon is in when you conceive will be that of the baby. Both the boys were conceived during a male moon sign.

I did that with all 3 of my kids. It was wrong 2 out of the 3 times.

Well, one thing’s certain: it has a 50% chance of being right! :teehee:

Congrats on your new baby! I loved those days…from the start of being pg [I]and [/I]the new baby months! I just love baby noises!