Childrens sweater in the round

Anyone got a child’s (4year old or so) pattern for a pullover knitted in the round from bottom up?

Here’s a page I just found that has some bottom up children’s patterns about halfway down the page. It gives patterns based on gauge.

ETA: Scroll down there is a pattern generator to create your own.

Jan, how do you access the patterns at
Every link I click on returns me to the home page?

Scroll down a little, I think all the pages look the same at the very top.

Yeah, scroll down and you’ll see the links. I don’t see any photos with them though… :?? For me personally that is less than useful, but cause I won’t knit it w/o knowing what it looks like. :shrug:

Also the link you posted was in a foreign language. This one is english.

I think when you click on the links to a section like kid’s sweaters, there’s little thumbnail pictures for some of them.

When I click on the links at Jessica’s site I am always returned to the Home page. I’ve never gotten to a page with thumbnails.

I too, won’t bother with a pattern that has no picture.

Here’s what I get when I clicked on the first baby sweater pattern.

I’m not sure where you’re clicking to get the home page. I’ll have to explore it more.

I used this link and have been able to view the patterns. Thanks for the different link. The ones I looked at are very nice. I mostly knit with worsted and want a few patterns in bulky for cardigans. Most of her patterns call for thinner yarn.

I mostly knit with worsted and want a few patterns in bulky for cardigans. Most of her patterns call for thinner yarn.

True. I also prefer heavier yarn. The 14 cm ones are about DK I think and there seems to be one women’s sweater that is for worsted. Bummer though. I can’t imagine knitting an entire sweater with less than DK. Those I buy. :lol:

Here’s another link for all the children’s sweater patterns.
which also gives gauges and types of sweater - raglan/round neck, drop shoulder/round neck, etc.

You can knit in a thinner yarn, a larger size with smaller needles might work out right for what you need. Though many of the childrens patterns go down to 30 sts/4"

I prefer worsted, not thinner yarn. So I guess you could knit a smaller size with thicker yarn.

ETA: Thanks, that’s a better link!

Maybe I meant the other way… :??

Some of the gauges are 14 sts/4", so that would be heavier yarn and needles.

I clicked on gauge in the other link and they were all in centimeters… maybe I was wrong and it’s inches? :think:

Even so - 10cm = 4" so it’s virtually the same.