Children's fire alarms

Okay, I just got a forward from my Family Readiness Group that had me shaking and crying. People who know me know that I NEVER send forwards, the chain letter stops with me. (Sorry if you love those things, I just can’t stand them!)

But this could save a child’s life. The bottom-line: children sleep through normal smoke alarms. There are voice-alarms out there for ~$40 which will actually wake them.

If I had any gumption I would’ve posted in the main forum, OT be darned.

Don’t believe me? WATCH THE VIDEO. The WHDH link to the story has a tiny video link at the top of it.
I was horrified to see the 12 year old sleep for TWO MINUTES through the alarm. And she babysits her younger siblings!

Especially during the holiday season, since we have lights on the tree and candles burning, fire danger is greatly increased.
[INDENT](from an FRG email)
For some reason, children (and some adults!) are especially prone to
sleeping through traditional fire alarms. The attached news video
describes this hazard and at least one solution to address it.
(See attached file: Children_FireAlarms.wmv)

Fire Survival Plan (Sources: Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office;
Underwriter’s Laboratories):
Have a working (routinely check/change batteries to ensure) smoke
detector within 15-feet of all sleeping areas.
Have, and practice, a family plan to get out alive.
Have a designated meeting place outside the home.
Make sure children understand it’s O.K. to leave house in middle of
night if smoke alarm goes off. Firefighters find children hiding
beds and in closets.
To find out if your kids are likely to sleep through an activated
alarm, test it one night after the kids have gone to sleep.

Additional websites on this topic:

2 Vocal Smoke Alarm Sources (~$40 each): (Vocal Smoke Alarm Item
Kidde Battery-operated Voice-alert Co and Smoke Alarm - Model KN-COSM-B
(can be found at Home Depot stores ++?)

My 2 yo slept through a fire alarm I accidentally set off last week. Our alarms are all hardwired, so the one in his room was going off, as well as all the ones in our very small house (4 in a 1200 sf house!). He never enen moved.

As a Pre-k/Kindergarten teacher we have had the occasional fire drill during nap time. The alarm is quite loud. Most of my children do get up when they hear it, but I have the same 4 or 5 who need to be shaken or picked up from their cots because they are still sleeping because they have not heard the alarm go off.

That’s scary and true. When I was in highschool we had a house fire. My brother was home sick, taking a nap and slept right through the alarm. Thankfully Mom was home to make sure he go out safe!