Child mitten sizes - help please

I am attempting to make mittens for three little girls 2, 4, & 7. The problem is, I have no kids, and these girls are currently 1000 miles away and I have no idea how big to make them.

I knit one (minus thumb) and I am scared it is at the same time too big (long) for the little one, but too small (narrow) for the big one & possibly too long for the middle one too.

It occurs to me that I have no idea how big kids hands are. I found a pattern that said for a 3-5 year old 5" circumference and 6.5" long which is very close to my sample mitten, but it still looks wrong to me – maybe because I did not use the pattern, and there is some stranding in my sample which makes it less stretchy?

I would love some advice before I try to knit the other 5 mittens and also to figure out if the sample will be part of a pair for any of these kids.

I went to Michaels today looking for kids mitten patterns just to see what the guage/sizes were, but they did not have anything that I saw.

These will be Christmas gifts and I have one window this week to send them to the girls for free, but I can ship them too later, mittens don’t weigh much and I’m sure I was too optimistic to think I could get them sent this week, though the sample went pretty quick.

Thank you all in advance!!

Here’s several charts that may help,first, second, third. For the last, the chart is at the end, Appendix A. The mittens are lovely! Good luck with them.

Google for “Classic Mittens pattern” (w/out quotes). I’ve been using this pattern for about 60 years. The mitten sizes are right on. The pattern is now considered vintage knitting.


There’s a book called The Knitter’s Handy book of Patterns. It’s got basic designs in multiple sizes and gauges. I got it for Christmas a few years ago. They have her other book (sweaters) at my library so maybe they’ll have this one at yours if you’re interested.

The sizing charts don’t tell you this. I learned it from knitting lots of charity mittens last year. The measurement from where the ribbed cuff ends and the stockinette stitch begins to the thumb opening is going to be the same as the thumb length in those lists. For example, on adult mittens. The thumb length is generally 2 1/2 inches. The distance from where the ribbed cuff ends to the thumb opening after you’ve completed the gore will be 2 1/2.

Those are great tips.

I’m on the third of six mittens. Maybe they’ll be done this week after all.

I am definitely bookmarking this thread so I don’t freak out next year.

I’ll know for sure whether or not the measurements listed work for these particular kids by new year I hope. I guess if they are a little small – knitting stretches, an if they are a little big – they will grow into them :wink:

Thanks all!!

You can have the kids’ mom trace their hands on a piece of paper and mail it to you. That will give you the correct size. Hands are curved at the fingertips so allow for some wiggle room.