Chihuahua puppy needs sweater

We have added a new member to our family a teeny tiny puppy of 8 weeks. This little chihuahua needs a sweater for those early morning yard visitations. His little chest has a measurement of only 9 inches. Ive gone to pattern central and many other sites but can’t seem to find anything this tiny. I knit and I crochet, but am not talented enough to create something on my own. So if anyone has a pattern or knows of one they can share or can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
This one tells you how to custom fit it to your dog’s size.

Here are some small ones:

If they’re still not small enough, maybe you can use a finer yarn and smaller needle to down-size them.

Go online to The Martha Stewart Show, yarn episode. It explains how to correctly measure your puppy and gives patterns for very EASY knitting patterns; no knitting in the round. Hope this helps you.

I have a rather different idea. Here is a pattern for stirrup socks. You do need to sign up with Lion to see the pattern. I was thinking that you might be able to put the pup’s front feet through where the heel goes, the ankle on the body and the foot part on the neck.

These socks literally take an afternoon to knit and you can use them after the pup grows.

What ever works, right?