Ribby Cardi KAL

If you’re making the ribby cardi or are thinking about it, there is a KAL going on right now for it:

Lots of good info and tips on the cardi too!

I want to do this one too :(( sigh, alas, i already have other knitting projects to do, so looks like i’ll be going solo when i get around to making this one.

I love this sweater!!! One of these days, I’m gonna get to it, but right now I think I need to learn some more things!

I LOVE the cardi but I have not yet got used to the idea of putting a zipper in my knit sweaters…
My friend does it all the time and they looook great… But I am so used to buttons…
Sure I could do the same sweater but put botttons on it…

Has anyone who’s finished this washed it yet? I’m wondering about the zipper, does it shrink? On a few sweaters that I’ve had the zipper either shrinks or bends up, which does NOT look good.

Care instructions? How would you wash it?

I’ve never had a zipper shrink in my sewing stuff. I haven’t gotten to the part where I put the zipper in my cardi, yet.

If it’s somethink you’re really worried about, why don’t you put the zipper in a lingerie bag and throw it in the washer with a load of clothes before you put it in your sweater.

Now thats a good idea !